What type of massage is the best for me?

While it is possible to have a session that is only a relaxation massage or deep tissue massage, I routinely incorporate more than just one ‘type’ or ‘style’ of massage during each session. When you are on my table, I use a variety of techniques that best fit what your body needs at that moment and also what issues you may want to be addressed. Since I incorporate many different techniques in any given session, no two sessions are the same and there is a more integrative approach encompassing all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

Do you have some tight muscles and knots that just won’t let go?  This is the type of massage for you.  The goal is not only to work the whole body but to also focus on those tight muscles or areas where you may be experiencing some pain or have some repetitive strain injuries.

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

Feeling stressed and just want to relax?  Then this is the massage for you!  The goal is overall relaxation while also working a few problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you want deeper pressure, deeper work?  Deep tissue works on the deeper muscle layers.  It can help relieve chronic patterns of tension, using slower strokes, direct pressure, and friction.  

Prenatal Massage

Expecting?  Whether you are newly pregnant or almost ready to deliver, this is the perfect time to take care of mom-to-be.  Depending on the stage of pregnancy, this can be done side-lying.  Bolsters and pillows are used to ensure mom’s comfort.

Myofascial Release

Do you feel like some of your movements are restricted?  Some Myofascial Release may be the answer.  It works with the connective tissue in the body.  This is usually done in conjunction with other types of massages.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Do you have lymphedema?  Have you had your lymph nodes removed?  Are you a breast cancer survivor?  Lymphatic drainage can help!  This is a light touch technique that is used to enhance the flow of the lymph throughout the body.  This can be a full lymphatic drainage session or in certain areas of the body where it is needed.  If you are looking for a lymphatic treatment after liposuction, tummy tuck or lipo360, please contact All About Therapeutic Massage at (317) 721-3642.  They specialize in lymphatic treatments for these types of procedures.

Trigger Point Therapy

Feel like your pain is being referred from another area of your body?  Trigger point therapy is designed to help alleviate “knots” from muscles by working firmly and directly with them.  This helps the “knot” relax.