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Four and a half years ago, stressed out and with my blood pressure rising, I began looking for a massage therapist online. Perusing websites, I found In Harmony Therapeutic Massage and it sounded like the perfect place for me. I have not been disappointed.

Kathy has a private practice; therefore, there are no distractions. In a soothing, calming therapy room, Kathy performs her massage. If you prefer a certain type of massage such as deep tissue or relaxation, Kathy will do that. However, if you leave it up to her, she will do what is best for you, letting your body lead the way. Using her experience and expertise, she will work on trigger points, concentrate on problem areas, loosen muscles, clear sinuses, etc.   She has also advised me as to what I could do at home to help myself. When your massage is complete, your mind and body will feel cleansed and relaxed.

To paraphrase Goldilocks, I have had massages that were too hard, massages that were too soft but Kathy’s are just right!

Janet B.

I have gone to Kathy for 10 years. As a breast cancer survivor, it was essential that I find a therapist who was knowledgeable and experienced in lymph drainage. She was instrumental in helping me to manage the fullness and pain in my affected arm. In visiting her on a regular basis, I have felt relief and have been assured that I was managing my lymph drainage to the fullest extent.

Kathy is very professional and helpful. I have recommended her to many friends, who in turn were very impressed with her skillfulness. It is important to me to be proactive in managing my health and I feel I have benefited from her expertise.

Gena Hout, Realtor, Associate Broker, Century 21 Scheetz