Journey into Awareness – 12‑Week Program

Our bodies are hallowed ground. It is so vitally important that we feel at home in our bodies. Your body is where you live day to day. It is vital that this is where you feel most comfortable.

How comfortable are you?

We spend so much time rushing from one thing to another, usually on ‘autopilot’ that we have lost the connection to our inner world. The Journey into Awareness Program is the process to find your inner connection and have you become in tuned with your body, mind and spirit.

Elements of The Journey

  • It requires a 12 week commitment over the course of a 7 month period–basically every other week. (This time frame has some wiggle room for holidays, vacations, etc.)
  • Each of the sessions will be 1 1/2 hours long.
  • Each session will begin with 10-15 minutes of awareness exercises such as meditating, grounding, diaphragmatic breathing, centering, etc., that will be done together.
  • The massage portion of the session will not only be used to relieve the stress and work with the physical, but also to try to remain connected with what your body is doing and being aware of what emotions are present for you and how they are manifesting in your body.
  • After the massage, the session will end with a grounding exercise which will be about 5 minutes.

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