What type of massage is the best for me?

While it is possible to have a session that is only a relaxation massage or deep tissue massage, I routinely incorporate more than just one ‘type’ or ‘style’ of massage during each session. When you are on my table, I use a variety of techniques that best fit what your body needs in that moment and also what issues you may want addressed. Since I incorporate many different techniques in any given session, no two sessions are the same and there is a more integrative approach encompassing all aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage spends more time working the painful, problem areas. It is still a full body massage.

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

This massage is good for general all over relaxation, working some of the painful, problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses greater pressure and works on deeper muscle layers than Swedish massage. It is used to relieve chronic patterns of muscular tension by using slow strokes, direct pressure and friction.  Please don’t confuse deep tissue massage with a massage with deep pressure.  No one needs a whole session with deep tissue.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is for women who are expecting. It is a full body massage and depending on the stage of pregnancy, it can be done side lying. Bolsters and pillows are used to assure the clients comfort.

Myofascial Release

This massage works with the connective tissue of the body. It can be done in conjunction with a full body relaxation or therapeutic massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage is a light touch technique used to enhance the flow of lymph throughout the body. It is especially beneficial for people with lymphedema, breast cancer survivors or those that have had lymph nodes removed.

Trigger Point Therapy

This therapy removes ‘knots’ from muscles by working firmly and directly with them. This helps the constriction to relax. Pressure is applied to the ‘knot’ and the constriction releases partially or completely.

Leg and Foot Sugar Scrub

Add a Leg and Foot Sugar Scrub with hot towels to your massage for an additional $20.