Shoulder Mobility Exercises

Before starting, please remember to do these exercises within your level of comfort.  Start slow!

Long Stretch

Lay on your back.  Extend your arms overhead and pull your hands/feet away from your body.

Doorway Pectoral Stretch (3 positions)

Standing in doorway, one foot in front of the other, hands on the door ja.

  • Start with HANDS at shoulder height, elbows down like a “W”.  Gently shift weight forward until your feel a stretch.  Keep your torso straight and don’t arch your back.
  • Raise your arms up so ELBOWS are at shoulder height and shift forwards until you feel a stretch.  Again be mindful of keeping your torso straight and not arching your back.
  • Arms up overhead, shift forward until you feel a stretch.

Shoulder Rolls

Move your shoulders in a circular pattern as shown so that you are moving in an up, back and down direction.  Perform small circles in needed for comfort.  Repeat in the opposite direction–up, forward down direction.


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