Why I Do What I Do!

I have people ask me the following questions all the time.  Don’t your hands get tired or sore after doing massage all the time?  Isn’t it physically hard on your body to give massages to other people?  The answer to the first question is always no and the answer to the second question…it can be if I am not taking proper care of myself before, during and after each massage.  After all what kind of massage therapist would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach!

But the best answer to any and all questions is I LOVE WHAT I DO and I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE!

My philosophy with my business has always been QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!  This philosophy has allowed me the time needed to get to know each client on a more personal level.  I have the flexibility to talk to each individual client and get to know them other than what aches and pains they have.

So I may know that Sam Smith has issues with his neck and shoulders due to his computer job, but I also know that Sam Smith is married, has 3 kids, loves the outdoors, hiking and biking and is an soccer enthusiast.  He is a bit of a weekend warrior, he works hard but plays even harder.   How do I know all of this?  Because I have taken the time before and after each massage (and sometimes during, depending on whether Sam wants to talk during his massage) to get to know Sam better.

This philosophy also makes it possible that no client is ever hurried off the table or rushed from my office (unless you are late for your appointment) in order for me to get ready for my next client.  I have built extra time into my schedule between clients for this very reason.  If someone feels rushed, it is counter to what we tried to accomplish while on the massage table.

Each session is tailor-made for each individual person.  Each person is uniquely different in how their body responds to stress, trauma or outside circumstances.  Which also means that each person is uniquely different in how their body will respond to the massage.  No massage is the same.  The massage is done with purpose to target areas of concern.  It isn’t done just to rub the muscle and get it over with.  The movements are purposeful.

By having this philosophy, I feel extremely grateful to be able to work with the people I do work with.  I consider them friends, not just clients.  I am not in the business of cranking out clients fast just to move on to the next one.  I am in the business getting to know each individual on a personal basis, therefore making the massage more meaningful and more beneficial.

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